Gk MCQs With Answer-160

No 1: Prophet PBUH was died in?
(A) 630 (B) 628 (C) 626 (D) 632

Q No 2: Duration of Quran’ revelation
(A) 20 years (B) 23 years (C) 31 years (D) 32 years
Answer:-23 years

Q No 3: Nijashi belongs to
(A) Iran (B) Ethiopia (C) Iraq (D) Syri

Q No 4: Sprite of Islam is written by
(A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan (B) Syed Amir Ali (C) Ch Rehmat Ali (D) Allama Iqbal
Answer:-Syed Amir Ali

Q No 5: First Islamic ruler in the subcontinent.
(A) Akbar (B) Qutabudin Aebak (C) Jahangir (D) Humayun

Q No 6: Comrade newspaper was published in 1913 by the:
) Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar (B) Muhammad Ali Jinnah (C) Maulana Zafar Ali Khan (D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
Answer:-Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar

Q No 7: Sword of Allah was
(A) Hazrat Bilal (B) Hazrat Ali (C) Hazrat Umar (D) Khalid bin Walid
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Answer:-Khalid bin Walid

Q No 8: First president of Pakistan was
(A) Ayube Khan (B) Quaid Azam (C) Iskandar Mirza (D) Liaqat Ali Khan
Answer:-Iskandar Mirza

Q No 9: Congress was formed by
(A) VP Menon (B) A.O Hume (C) Gandhi (D) Sardar Patail
Answer:-A.O Hume

Q No 10: Friends Not Masters book was written by
(A) Ayub Khan (B) Sikandar Mirza (C) Pervez Musharraf (D) Ch Muhammad Ali
Answer:-Ayub Khan

Q No 11: the Objective resolution was passed In
(A) 1947 (B) 1948 (C) 1950 (D) 1949

Q No 12: First constitution of Pakistan issued in:
(A) 1952 (B) 1953 (C) 1956 (D) 1973

Q No 13: First election in Pakistan held in
(A) 1953 (B) 1970 (C) 1962 (D) 1973

Q No 14: Zia imposed martial law in Pakistan
(A) 5 July 1977 (B) 15 June 1975 (C) 5 July 1976 (D) 5 July 1978
Answer:-5 july 1977

Q No 15: Current GST rate is
(A) 12% (B) 13% (C) 14% (D) 17%👈🏻

Q No 16: Obama belongs to
(A) Democratic Party (B) Conservative Party (C) Republic Party (D) none of these

Q No 17: The Indus Water Treaty was mediated by:
(A) IMF (B) USA (C) World Bank (D) Britain
Answer:-World Bank

Q No 18: Civil war in the USA started in the era
(A) Bush-era (B) Abraham Lincoln reign (C) Bill Clinton era (D) Nixon reign
Answer:-Abraham Lincoln

Q No 19: Prague is the capital of
(A) Czech Republic (B) Germany (C) Malaysia (D) Indonesia
Answer:-Czech Republic

Q No 20: Yen is the currency of
(A) Malaysia (B) Indonesia (C) Nepal (D) Japan

Q No 21: Netherland is new name of:
(A) France (B) Spain (C) Holland (D) England

Q No 22: Ottoman capital was
(A) Damascus (B) Constantinople (C) Rome (D) Madrid

Q No 23: The Leader book is written by Gary Glitter and Mike Leander and produced by
(A) Mike Leander (B) Lenin (C) Hegel (D) Marx
Answer:-Mike Leander

Q No 24: Naqsh e Faryadi is written by
(A) Allama Iqbal (B) Hafiz Jalandhry (C) Qateel Shafai (D) Faiz

Q No 25: Who represented Pakistan in UN?
(A) Faiz Ahmad Faiz (B) Ahmad Faraz (C) Patras Bukhari (D) Qateel Shafai
Answer:-Patras Bukhari

Q No 26: Theory of Evolution is by
(A) Nixon (B) Darwin (C) Nicholson (D) Marx

Q No 27: Theory of graviton by
(A) Marx (B) Hegal (C) Nixon (D) Newton

Q No 28: Theory of motion by
(A) Darwin (B) Marx (C) Newton (D) Hegal

Q No 29: Champion trophy 2013 was held in
(A) USA (B) England (C) France (D) Pakistan