GK MCQs With Answer-165

Q.1 Smallest part of the matter discovered by scientists?
Ans Quark

Q.2 Longest platform of the world is?
Ans The Loop USA

Q.3 Longest rail tunnel of the world is?
Ans Saikan – Japan

Q.4 Longest road tunnel of the world is?
Ans St Gohtard(Sweden)

Q.5 Country with the oldest underground railway system is?
Ans England

Q.6 Fastest animal of the world is?
Ans Cheetah

Q.7 Animal which has longest life span?
Ans Tortoise

Q.8 Two rivers form the largest delta of world are?
Ans Ganges-Barhamputra

Q.9 Shortest river of the world is?
Ans Reo (Montana) 98 km

Q.10 Height of K-2 is?
Ans 8611 meters

Q.11 Asia covers land area of world is?
Ans 29.5%

Q.12 Which is the fastest bird?
Ans Indian Swift- speed 200 km

Q.13 Which metal has the highest electrical conductivity?
Ans Tungsten

Q.14 Lowest populous Muslim country is?
Ans Maldives (area wise also)

Q.15 Largest Muslim country area wise?
Ans Kazakhstan

Q.16 Largest Muslim country population wise?
Ans Indonesia

Q.17 Muslim country with highest per capita income?
Ans Kuwait

Q.18 Which is the smallest and fastest planet?
Ans Mercury

Q.19 The smallest bird is?
Ans Humming bird

Q.20 The largest insect is?
Ans Allas moth

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