GK MCQs With Answer-164

Q.1 Which is the most populous city in the world?
Ans Shanghai

Q.2 Which is the most densely populated city of the world?
Ans Manila

Q.3 Which is the least populous city of the world?
Ans Vatican

Q.4 Smallest republic is Nauru and its population is?
Ans 10,000 persons (area 2129 hectares)

Q.5 Largest concrete dam of world is in USA its name is?
Ans Grand Coulee Dam

Q.6 Rohunsky Dam is the highest dam in the world located in?
Ans Tajikistan

Q.7 World’s oldest parliament is of?
Ans Iceland

Q.8 Largest airport of the world is?
Ans King Abdul Aziz International Airport

Q.9 Which is world’s busiest airport?
Ans Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Q.10 Airport located at the highest altitude is?
Ans Lhasa Airport 4363 meter height

Q.11 Which is the largest railway station in world?
Ans Grand Central Terminal – New York

Q.12 World’s highest railway station is?
Ans Condor Station Bolivia

Q.13 Which is the university with largest building in world?
Ans University of Riyadh

Q.14 The longest canal of the world is?
Ans Beloye More (in Baltic sea)

Q.15 Area wise the largest city of the world is?
Ans Kiruna – in Sweden – 8732 sq km

Q.16 Largest delta of the world is?
Ans Sundarbans

Q.17 Largest museum of the world is?
Ans British Museum

Q.18 Saltiest sea of the world is?
Ans Mediterranean sea

Q.19 Coldest place of the world is?
Ans Vostok – Antarctica

Q.20 Driest place of the world is?
Ans Death Valley (California)

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