About Pakistan MCQs

1. Pakistan’s first coin was issued on 3rd January 1948.

2. Pakistan’s standard time was suggested by Proffessor Muhammad Anwar.

3. Pakistan’s first Stamp ticket was issued on 09-07-1948.

4. Maoulana Mazhar-ud-din was the first person who gave the title
“Quid-e-Azam to Mr. Jinnah first time.

5. Quid-e-Azam’s mother tongue was “Gujrati”

6. Khawaja Nazim-ud-din was the only person in pakistan’s history whowas the second Prime Minister of Pakistan & also Second Governer General of Pakistan.

7. The total Area of the Capital of Pakistan “Islamabad” is 907 sq Km.

8. The Height of Minar-e-Pakistan is 196 ft and 4 inch.

9. Sir Victor Turner signed first time on Pakistan’s currency notes.

10. Quaid-e-Azam was born on Thursday.

11. Quaid-e-Azam died on Saturday.

12. Pakistan’s National Flag was prepared by Ameer-ud-din Qadwai.

13. Abdur-rehaman Chugtai made the design of Pakistan’s first Stamp Ticket.

14. Pakistan’s National Anthem’s Compostion was accepted on 21 August 1949.

15. There were 3542 Post Offices in Pakistan at the time of its Creation.

16. Hari Pur is famous for Telephone Industry.

17. Mr. Mirat Khan prepared the map of Minar-e-Pakistan
18. Quaid-e-Azam took an oath as Governer General of Pakistan from Mr. Justice Mian Abdur Rasheed.

19. The height of all 4 Minars of Badshai Mosque are 177 fts.

20. The National Anthem was sung first time on 13 August 1954 in the voice of Mr. Hafeez Jhalandari.

1- Where the biggest Salt Mine located in Pakistan?


2- The second highest cliff in the world is?

Karakoram – 2

3- The most beautiful stone-Marble is extracted from Province?


4- The longest river in Pakistan is?

River Sindh

5- In which year did Pak win the circket world cup ?


6- When did Pakistan win Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time?


7- Where is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?


8- Which is the national flower of Pakistan?


9- Which military alliance had Pakistan as its member?


10- Which is the national animal of Pakistan?

11- Which is the national bird of Pakistan?


12- The Second largest city of Pakistan is?